NEW FOR 2017!  Work experience placements at new to you

Are you/do you know…

  • someone doing their Duke of Edinburgh award?
  • a young person looking for work experience?
  • a young person seeking voluntary work?

We are pleased to be able to offer Saturday work experience placements for young people in Poole and the surrounding area.  These young people may be looking to develop new skills, improve their CV or participate in a voluntary project.

What does a work experience placement at new to you look like?

A work experience placement at new to you can be quite flexible.  We are looking for young people to help us on a Saturday, when the shop is open between 10am and 2pm.  You could do a two hour shift (10-12 or 12-2) or the full four hour shift, dependent on your other weekend commitments.  Preferably, you will be able to commit to six weeks in a row (approximately one half term) although this can be discussed with you and reasonable arrangements made to work around you.

You will be joining the established team of volunteers who help operate the shop on Saturdays.  You may be…

  • Welcoming customers as they enter the shop and helping them to find their way around.
  • Counting customers and helping to manage the outside area to the front of the shop.
  • Working on the shop floor to help customers find what they are looking for or moving furniture
  • Creating lists of customers’ reserved items for them to take to the till
  • Operating the till and handling money
  • Visual merchandising and keeping the shop looking fabulous while it is open
  • Manning the exit to check customer receipts and assist if necessary with taking items to the car

Each week will be very different – we never know what items will be delivered, and our customers love coming every week to see the new stock.  We will aim to move you around all the roles so that you do not do just one thing, so that you develop more of your skills.

What skills and experience do I need?

Work experience is a perfect opportunity to develop your existing skills and learn new ones – you will be able to add the experience you have gained at new to you to your CV and use it when going for job interviews, perhaps for your first Saturday job.  However, working in a shop can also develop lots of other skills too and help make you into a more well rounded individual.

We are not looking for any particular level of skills or experience, however it will help if you…

  • are a friendly and confident individual who does not mind speaking to members of the public, as these will be your customers
  • are confident with numbers if you are working on the till, such as working amount the change required for a transaction
  • have accurate keying skills if you are working on the till, when entering prices into the till
  • are happy to help customers move items around the shop – you will not be expected to move anything heavy or large, as other members of the volunteer team will be able to help the customer
  • are committed to providing a high level of customer service – new to you is well known for its friendly, cheerful and excellent customer service

So what is in it for me?

In return for giving us your time and commitment, you will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Communication – you will be speaking to customers and members of the volunteering team for most of your shift
  • Team work – you will be working as part of a welcoming and friendly volunteering team, working together for the benefit of the customers and to provide an excellent level of service
  • Mental arithmetic skills – working on the till definitely improves your mental maths skills!  Counting change, totalling up bills and applying discounts are all great practice for your maths skills
  • Confidence – every time you deal with a customer, you will develop your confidence.  At the start, you will be helped by a dedicated member of the volunteer team to deal with customer enquiries but quickly you will be able to answer these questions yourself
  • Environmental knowledge – new to you is a reuse project, reclaiming items from landfill and helping to protect the environment.  If you are interested in geographer, environment or the wider world you will learn more about how the project is helping
  • Independent decision making – once you have the confidence to deal with customer enquiries on your own, you will be developing your skills in making decisions and working on your own, as well as part of a team

 At the end of your placement, we will provide a reference detailing what you have learnt and what skills you have developed, so that you have something tangible to show for the work you have put in.  You will also be recognised for your volunteering efforts as part of the Enviroteers scheme.

The nitty-gritty:

  • You will be reporting to a dedicated member of the volunteer team at all times – they will make sure that you are happy, have not been put in a situation where you do not feel comfortable, and will also make sure you are developing different skills and working in different areas of the shop.
  • You will have a full on site induction including health and safety to make sure you feel happy in the work environment
  • new to you is well served by public transport in Poole – it is a ten minute walk from the Tesco at Fleetsbridge/Toby Carvery (4, 8 and 9 buses) or from Creekmoor (4 bus, walk up Cabot Lane).  There is also limited parking available on the site, and we can store a bicycle if that is your preferred method of transport.
  • You will need be 14 or over when you start your placement with us.

 I’m interested – what next?

If you are interested in finding out more or applying to do work experience at new to you, please email newtoyou@poole.gov.uk. We will be able to answer any questions, and if you’d like to give it a go arrange a time to have a brief chat with you about the project, what you want to get out of the project, and when you can start.