Take one Victorian park at the heart of Poole, drain the lagoon and unleash brilliant volunteers…what do you get?  A very muddy and satisfying afternoon of litter picking in Poole Park!

Once a year in the depths of winter, the lagoon in Poole Park is drained.  This is to enable maintenance and repairs of the lagoon walls.  Generally the water is kept in the lagoon to support the park’s wildlife and creatures.  When it is drained, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore and carry out a volunteer litter pick.

Draining the lagoon uncovers expanses of mud which is thick and sticky in consistency. Joining the resident swans, seagulls and ducks were a group of enthusiastic litter pickers enjoying the opportunity to make an important difference to Poole Park.


In the past eighteen months, we have held three lagoon litter picks, and we were really pleased to see the much lower amounts of litter collected on Monday.  This means volunteer efforts are making a real improvement to Poole Park and the creatures that rely on the water.

Some of the items found included shoes, phones, bottles, a debit card and a copy of ‘Secrets of the South Sahara’ all sadly too badly damaged to be reused.  


Litter Free Sea and Coast and the Dorset Wildlife Trust also joined in with activities for children and families. Dorset Wildlife Trust led an activity making bird cones with suet and seeds to take away. Litter Free Sea and Coast did Hook A Duck with a difference, educating people about what to feed ducks.  Thank you to both organisations for supporting the event.

Students from two schools joined in after their lessons were finished for the day.  Ecowarriors from St Mary’s School and Bishop Aldhelm’s School helped litter pick of one of the reed beds, where lots of rubbish had accumulated.  


What Next?

This event was the last public event of this phase of the Heritage Lottery Fund bid being submitted on 28th February.  But there are still fantastic opportunities to get involved in Poole Park!

After the successful Tesco funding application, work will now start focusing on the Quiet Garden project – details to be announced soon.  There are also regular opportunities to volunteer by joining the park’s gardening group.  The next gardening shift is on Thursday 23rd February.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who joined in on Monday!  If you have been inspired to get involved, visit the Enviroteers opportunities here or get in touch here.