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Canford Heath Nature Reserve Management Plan

Last updated: July 2011

Contact details

Jez Martin CEnv MIEEM

Project Officer - Biodiversity

Borough of Poole, Environmental & Consumer Protection Services

Unit 1-2 New Fields Business Park

2 Stinsford Road, Poole BH17 ONF

Tel: 01202 261338

Email: j.martin@poole.gov.uk

Managing Dorset’s largest heathland 2010-2020

Canford Heath is one of the largest examples of continuous heathland left in Dorset and is home to many scarce and rare plants and animals. Lowland heathland, of which Canford is a particularly fine example, is rare on a global scale; the great majority of the original extent has been lost and the UK now has a responsibility to conserve what is left of this special habitat and landscape.

The heath is also one of the few places left with a real sense of the evocative, wild and beautiful cultural landscape that for several millennia was so typical of lowland England.

To maintain the heathland and its unique wildlife this 10-year Management Plan updates and develops what has already been achieved in the past 10 years, blending the Borough’s duties to provide a safe and welcoming open space with the heavy responsibilities of the national and international conservation designations in place to protect it.

The Plan sets out the statutory protection for habitats, wildlife and archaeological features that apply at Canford, and summarises the broad range of rare and attractive wildlife that can be found there.

Many people visit Canford Heath, some on a daily basis; most treasure its unique sense of space, history and character. The Plan seeks to ensure that these special qualities, and the very sensitive wildlife, are maintained and where possible, enhanced.

Photos © Borough of Poole Leisure Services staff - Terry Elborn, Karen Elborn, and © Gary Clarke of the Dorset Urban Heath Grazing Partnership.

No reproduction without prior permission please.

Download the Canford Heath Nature Reserve Management Plan (PDF, 5Mb)

Download the Management Plan (PDF, 5Mb)

For centuries the heathland has provided grazing for animals, fuel from turf & gorse, thatch from heather & turf, and animal bedding & fertiliser from bracken.)

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Dorset Dogs is a partnership of land managers promoting responsible dog ownership in Dorset. At present the main emphasis is on heathland, but work is carried out on other habitats when time and money allows. Visit www.dorsetdogs.org.uk

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Download the Management Plan 2010-2020 (PDF, 5Mb)

Responsible Officer: Jez Martin, Project Officer - Biodiversity, Borough of Poole

Consultants: Footprint Ecology of Wareham

The Management Plan considers a wide range of uses and issues: