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Ashdown Athletics Track Club Hut Canford Heath

Updated 14th May 2015

This project is now complete.

A new club hut is located overlooking the track with an extended tarmac pathway and ramp to ensure level access to the facilities. The modular building includes accessible toilets, equipment storage, a kitchen and small activity hall to run indoor sessions and host competitions.

The old container has been removed but its concrete base remains for use as a viewing area over the running track.

Project background

Ashdown Athletics Track is part of the outdoor facility offer at Everyone Active: Ashdown Leisure Centre and is used by Poole Athletics Club, Poole Runners and Wimborne Athletics Club.

Total membership of all 3 clubs (Ashdown Track User Group, or ATUG) that use the track is around 600 people, of these about 300 are aged between 8 - 18 and make regular use of it.

Competitions for athletic leagues typically attract 4 to 6 teams from other areas, each with up to 100 competitors. Ashdown currently hosts six competitions each season, but would like to increase that number if there were adequate facilities.

Since London 2012 the clubs have seen an increase in participation of athletics, especially from those with disabilities. They have been working to improve the provision for disabled athletes over the last year securing funding to install a disabled shot circle and purchasing some disabled race chairs and rolling roads.

For the past ten years the clubs have operated out of a shipping container that now has a leaking roof and is inaccessible by disabled athletes.

Project details

Budget: £98,958

Funding: £25,000 Planning Obligations • £50,000 Sport England Grant •  £23,000 England Athletics • £958 Dorset Athletics Network

Main contractor: Modulek, Verwood

Lead Officer: Gemma Wilton, Recreation Development Officer

Tel: 01202 261333  •  Email: recreation.development@poole.gov.uk

Download the pdf (1Mb) Download the pdf (370kb)

Please click to download the pdf (370kb) to view the location and accompanying notes in detail

As it was: the container at Ashdown

New kitchen facilities

The new club hut: front

The new club hut: rear

Accessible toilet facilities