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Alexandra Park, Parkstone Footpath improvements

Last updated 30th July 2014

At the request of the local community, local Ward members and park users we have undertaken a project to improve the footpaths at Alexandra Park. The original footpath network covers most of the park but much of it was in poor condition and the feeling of the local community was that the surface needed improving to allow easier access around this Victorian park.

The completed work includes:

The new paths have proved very popular with many more people walking around the park; it is also good to see buggies being pushed and mobility scooter users on the paths around the edge of the park.

The project

Improvement work has concentrated on the two paths that run around the boundaries of the park (see the plan below). These have been increased in width to 1.6m, edged and resurfaced with a hard surface that we can clean with mechanical sweepers. Work has been carried out by contractors Swanside Ltd.

A particular issue for these paths has been the risk of tree root damage and we came up with a bridging technique that allowed us to work around the magnificent trees in the park without causing unnecessary damage to the roots.

The work is funded by Planning obligations, Recreational contributions.

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Project details

Budget: £65,000

Funding: Planning Obligations (Penn Hill Ward)

Lead Officer Richard Nicholson

Tel: 01202 261700

Email: environment@poole.gov.uk